Indigenous people farm photo views

At these views we would like to show you the farm of indigenous people

Cambodia’s Indigenous People Growing rice at farm

This is the culture of Cambodia indigenous people growing rice. They are growing rice

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The 3 Week Diet one month

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Tumpon Indigenous Song Language

This song is singing in Tumpon language. Tumpon minority or indigenous people. Present there

Adult Song Funny

Funny Singing song credit FB

Kids Dancing good view

Good dancing with remix sound. Credit FB

Asia Countries Delicious Indigenous People Food

Food is very important for human to eat. Otherwise food is show us about

Kreung Indigenous people cook rice and food

If you want to know about indigenous people food clearly with us, here are

On 9 August IP’s Day Event dacing

This dancing on the indigenous people event call (IP’s Day) throughout the world ”

Krung and Tumpon Material using

These equipment belong to ethnic community group of Krungs Tumpons. Indigenous people Krung and

Indigenous People Equipment Asian region

In these pictures we would like to show you about Indigenous People Equipment Asian

Jarai Indigenous People Songs

Jarai Indigenous People Songs with MP4 songs. The songs in ASia countries.

Oh! Klen Chompa (Singing by Shhouy Sopheap)

Sin Sisamuth Song Romatic MP3

Sin Sisamouth was a singer of khmer Cambodian was most famous in 1950s to

Indigenous people’s Jar wine Asia

These are equipment photos of the world’s indigenous original pictures. Indigenous peoples are any

Land and forestry distroy can not Solutions

Topics Solutions: In Cambodia, land, forestry, mining, that is not the solution, especially in

Leadership poor families can not become a good leader

Leadership poor families can not become a good leader. credit:facebook

Entertainment and proverb video

10 Paragraph of Sir Ma Ei speech in a main story. Credit:facebook

Sarourn Song Jaria (ចង់បានត្បាល់គ្រាន់បុកប៉ាគ្រីវ)

Sarourn Song Jaria: choung ban tabal kron buk bakrev. credit: Rochom Saroeun credit: Rochom has indigenous people equipment photos store.